A company formally known as Chee – Na- Telecom, started as a analog cable TV services on 14th March 1992. It there finally graduated to Bridge View Broadband Network Pvt. Ltd. in dd/mm/2001 and also started Internet services as an ISP.

In dd/mm/2001, the name was finally changed to Good Media News Pvt. Ltd. The company is a closely held family business with Anamika Malhotra & Mukesh Malhotra as the initial promoters with the gradual induction of Ankit Malhotra & Alisha Malhotra in the company.

Following is the brief synopsis-

14th march 1992 - Started as analog cable TV business in the name & style of CHEE-NA TELECOM.

29th December 1997 - started the Local Cable TV Channel in the name & style of CITY CHANNEL which is the formost brand & pillar of Good Media News Pvt. Ltd.

dd/mm/2001 – Obtained ISP license and stored the retail sale of internet and changed the name to Bridge View Broadband Network Pvt Ltd.

dd/mm/2001 – Obtained IP – II license and initiated the Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) leasing business both in underground sector and overhead OFC.

dd/mm/2009 – Started the print News Sector in the name and style of DEMOCRACY POST.

21st/Aug/2010 - Started the OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT business and is presently one of the leading business have in the segment.

dd/mm. 2012 - Obtained the MSO business and converted the analog cable TV business to Digital Cable TV with state of out DVB technology.

Good Media News Pvt. Ltd. is a start to finish Advertising Company. Over the years we have won laurels for our campaigns in Print, Electronic Media, Indoor & Outdoor Branding, Hoardings, Mobile Vans, Canopy Activities, events & Road Show Activities etc. The best part about being with us is our presence all across Himachal Pradesh ranging from Rural Areas to small towns to main Cities. We can provide presence to your brand anywhere in Pan Himachal Pradesh.

We approach all clients with the clear aim of helping them fulfill their objectives and targets. Our servicing team is adept at understanding the challenges you face and coordinates ably with the creative team to offer path breaking solutions. Our USP lies in our understanding of market dynamics. We understand how markets function and respond to given stimuli. As a result we tailor our communication campaigns for creating a fruitful outcome in relation to existing market variables. We assure you of results. Just give us your objective and we will give you a success.